1. Assess Staffing Needs

We Begin with a clear understanding of the roles you need to fill. Differentiate between medical professionals, administrative staff, and support roles. Consider specializations, certifications, or training required for your facility.

2. Determine Quantity

Estimate the number of staff members you need for each role. Consider factors such as patient volume, shift rotations, and special projects or upcoming expansions.

3. Timing & Scheduling

Specify when you need the staff. Is it immediate, or do you have a future date in mind? Are you looking for temporary placements, permanent positions, or both? Also, provide potential shift timings and rotations.

4. Specify Facility Type

We work with all healthcare fields Acute healthcare, Assisted living facilities, In-home private duty caregivers, Memory care centers, Rehab centers, Skilled nursing facilities, or Hospitals. This ensures we match you with professionals experienced in your specific sector.

5. Onboarding & Integration

Prepare for the successful onboarding of new staff. This includes orientation, training, and familiarization with your facility's procedures and protocols.

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